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Who uses your equipment?

Currently, we have Mobile Security, Police Forces, Property and Building Management, Construction and Utilities all using various products and solutions. These organisations are protecting end-users in Housing Associations, Banks, Construction Sites, High Security Data Centres, Churches, Historical Buildings to name but a few.

Wire-less, wire-free, GSM and GPRS technology

Wire-less and wire-free communication is the transfer of information between two or more points that are not connected by a cable. Our devices use the latest wire-free technologies. Each device should list its wire-free range within the product specifications. For any more information please contact us.

Why is the type of battery used important?

We use only the most reliable UK developed eco batteries to power our devices, our batteries are energy saving so they last longer.

What type of sensors and detectors do we supply?

Our units feature a full complement of reliable sensors and detectors. Our development team can also build detectors for specific requirements or environments for times when you have to deploy your sensors into difficult situations. Our standard sensors include; intruder detection, perimeter security, fire & arson detection, smoke, any form of gas, natural or property flooding, chemical pollutants, temperature, personal attach and many more. Contact us today if you require something developed for your specific requirements.

Do I need a SIM card for the GSM products?

Yes, you will need to obtain a suitable SIM card, currently most contract and PAYG SIM's will be fine. We do however recommend that a "Telematics" SIM is used, these are available from our Service and Security Mobile Partners from around £3 per month.

Do I need a Control Room or ARC contract?

No, you can use the SMS service only directly to your mobile phone. This is only suitable for lower security applications as SMS messages can be delayed within the mobile networks. For higher risk installations we would always advise using an ARC or Contracted Control Room.

Where can I buy your products?

Our products are available directly from our UK Offices or alternatively by our Service and Security Mobile Partners. We are a Business to Business organisation and unfortunately do not supply our equipment to the general public.

Can I rent the equipment?

Yes, in certain cases we can rent systems, however these are on a long term basis, 3 to 5 years on average. If you require short term renting, then we recommend you speak to our Service and Security Mobile Partners. They can provide temporary systems from just a few weeks to years with or without a Mobile Security response.

Can I rent a full service with mobile security response?

Yes, if you want someone to install and respond to your sites then we can give you contact details of our Service and Security Mobile Partners. They can provide you with a breakdown of costs on a weekly or monthly basis.

Can I set-up the devices myself?

Yes, we have designed the equipment to be very easy to install and set-up. To fully protect a small business premises can take as little as 30 minutes using one of our Service and Security Mobile Partners. The PIR sensors and other detectors are completely wireless and battery operated.

Are the devices and equipment easy to program?

Yes, they can be programmed on-site, and on most equipment various commands can be sent via SMS text message. This means you can set and unset systems without the need to attend the site.

Can the systems call the Police?

Interestingly yes and no! Our systems are used by the Police to protect their own buildings and assets. These are 'closed systems' and not available as a commercial service. However, we would recommend a Service and Security Mobile Partner who can provide a rapid response service, usually within 20 minutes. If the Mobile Security Officer attends and observes a crime taking place they will contact the Police, who will be more than happy to assist!

I need security on my house, can you help?

LS Telematics supply equipment directly to Businesses in the Security Industry and do not supply directly to the public. However we can always put you in touch with one of our Service and Security Mobile Partners who may be able to help.

Isn't CCTV a better option?

There are many instances where CCTV is invaluable, however we believe that good quality robust battery operated alarms perform better in certain environments. They are also more cost-effective to install and maintain.

We have a manned security team permanently on-site, can we use your equipment?

Yes, we believe that by reducing man-power but increasing the technical security measures a good balance of cost verses performance can be achieved. By reducing the manned guarding hours, some of our Service and Security Mobile Partners have reduced the site security costs by up to 80%.

Can you provide a site survey?

Depending on the application we or our Service and Security Mobile Partners can provide an on-site consultation. This will assist us in assessing the exact requirements and needs. A specification quotation can then be produced.

Does LS Telematics install the equipment?

LS Telematics does not install any field based equipment. However, we have a number of Service and Security Mobile Partners who do. We provide technical installation and support for ARC (Alarm Receiving Centres), Control Rooms, Police Operations and Network Centres.

Do you provide technical support?

Yes, we provide telephone support to our Service and Security Mobile Partners. Generally, the end user is supported via our Partners.

Do you provide warranties?

All our equipment carries a 2 year warranty, we have designed the equipment for at least 5 years in-service use and expect that 7 years would be a reasonable time for equipment to still be supported.

How reliable is the equipment?

Very! Robust and reliable systems are paramount in the security industry. Our equipment protects millions of pounds worth of building and assets. Our solutions are selected for mission critical applications used in high security situations.

Do you repair or upgrade equipment?

Yes, if the equipment has been damaged or requires any modifications or updates we are more than happy to provide a quotation. Our engineers are fully equipped to diagnose and repair the equipment back to its fully operational state.

RF devices

Radio frequency (RF) devices - are data collection devices – sometimes portable – these devices use radio frequency to transmit data to a host system.

RF system

A closed circuit system becomes an RF system when the composite video and audio signals are modulated at a certain frequency, called a channel. RF systems require a display device (e.g. TV) with a tuner set to a selected channel to display the information modulated onto that frequency.

Product design team

At LS Telematics we have an in-house design and build team dedicated to producing the best wire free alarms.

Wireless transmission

Wireless communication/transmission is the transfer of information between two or more points that are not connected by an electrical conductor.

Internal and external security vulnerabilities

At LS Telematics we focus on the actual needs of the security industry, with the expertise of our staff and our advisors we are a formidable product design team. Security vulnerabilities - areas where your assets are at risk from crime - are what we focus on when devising new alarm systems.


The process of encoding information in such a way that hackers or eavesdroppers cannot read it, but that authorized parties can.

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Security Systems

  • Robust, battery operated wireless security systems for buildings, compounds and perimeter protection
  • Integrated GSM signalling to ARC's, control rooms and mobile security officers
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If you're having problems with security systems, fire protection, vehicle tracking or any range of other security issues then our experienced team can help.

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Visual & Environmental Solutions

Find out more about our existing range of in-house products including:

  • IP CCTV, 3G CCTV cameras and systems for temporary monitoring
  • Environment monitoring of temperature, humidity and pH water sensors
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Do I need a SIM card for the GSM products?
Can I rent a full service with mobile security response?
Can I set-up the devices myself?
We have a manned security team permanently on site, can we use your equipment? ................................................
Does LS Telematics install the equipment?

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